October 16, 2014

[Travel Thursday #2] Berlin

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Berlin on a conference. It was my first time in Berlin. And although I needed to work, I fell in love with this city.

It wasn't love at first sight because my hotel was in a street which was more or less under construction. Thus it was a little dirty and smelt like rotten eggs.

But other than that the hotel was actually quite nice:

Tryp Hotel Berlin Central ( << click >> )

Chausseestr. 33

D-10115 Berlin

It doesn't look that special from the outside but there's actually a part of the Berlin Wall outside the hotel.

The inside wasn't so bad either. Nothing too special but everything's quite new and clean and it has air conditioning.

On the German National Day we went on a boat trip on the Spree. It was night, not too cold but it was awesome. We saw the Festival of Lights around the Bundestag and the museum's island. On my last day I went for a walk passing all these beautiful huge buildings. I think it will be a hell of a city, when the constructions are finished.

I also went shopping in Lafayette. That was actually quite impressive. Everything is so beautiful inside... AND I finally found a winter jacket. I've wanted to buy one for the longest time. I've hunted it for more than a year already.

There's so much more to Berlin which I haven't seen to due work but I will definitely come back another time to visit the museums and the Bundestag. I once met a politician at a lecture about energy savings who invited me but I can't quite remember in whose party he was. Funny thing though, it was another student's dad who I've known from college.

Anyway, it's worth a week's trip.


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