December 19, 2014

Tas Firini Uzun - Turkish Pide Restaurant (Mannheim)

Hands down. This is the best Turkish restaurant, I've ever been to. They have the best pide and lamacun of all times. My boyfriend and me usually have a butter cheese pide and a large lamacun together for only about 10€.

The only downfall is that the restaurant just doesn't look too nice. But it's always crowded. So the owners probably don't really care if it looks appealing from the interior design aspect.

But let me tell you something... Most restaurant that look really stylish have a bad chef who can make tasteless stuff but makes it look really beautiful. This restaurant is exactly the opposite. It might not look too special but the food is amazing. The best thing is the stone oven. It is huge! Three men work altogether. Everything is soooo delicious. So if you're in Mannheim, go visit and see for yourself. The dishes are very affordable. Most dishes cost about 5€.

Tas Firini Uzun

G5, 12

68159 Mannheim


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  1. Holy cow I can't think of anything better than traveling to awesome new places, experiencing the culture and trying the amazing food. When I was in Germany I had bad luck with food so I guess it's one of those places where you have to know where to look. I found Czech food really good no matter where I went and I hear that the food carts in Hoi An Vietnam are amazing. Looks like you have it rough ;)


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