December 15, 2014

Outfit #23 Xmas party

Last Friday was my company's Xmas party. It's a chic event where almost everybody is dressed up. I like to dress up but I try not to go over the top as well. I think I managed that quite ok. I got many compliments on the party without showing too much skin.
The black dress is from H&M. It is quite comfy, a little loose to allow for a great dinner. The leopard peeptoes are from a cheap Turkish store in Mannheim. I don't quite remember what the name of the store was but they were only 15€ and they are the most beautiful and comfortable I could imagine. I have much pricier shoes that don't even come close. The jewelry is from the Dominican Republic << click >>.
My makeup is quite simple. There is not much to say. I should have taken the big camera anyway but I always forget... The lipstick is Mac's Russian Red. The perfect matte red. I absolutely adore the color and it lasts forever!
This is my hair. I bought one of these huge hair donuts from H&M. Maybe, I'll show you another tutorial how to do it. I love the clean and elegant look of hair buns. This thing is perfect. It just didn't stay up because I forgot to put bobby pins. My hair is just too sleek for any hairdos.
And last but not least... My new iPhone cover :) I love it! Thank you, honey...
Sorry for the bad image quality. The last thing I think about when getting ready is to take pictures with my DSLR.

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