July 14, 2012

Cute Coin Purses (from Ebay)

Another Ebay haul from me again :) I love these small purses where you can put your coins, hair clips and bobby pins... They might be a bit corny or even tacky for some of you but I'm still a little girl inside and I love these.

As I mentioned, I got them on Ebay (<< click >>) for only 1.37€ (1.68$) each. So far, I ordered #4 (strawberry), #8 (Hello Kitty) and #33 (water melon). They have a diameter of about 10 cm (about 4 inch). I think the quality is actually quite good. Not as cheap as I expected. There's no glue but real stitches. The material is soft, a little like teddybears, except the watermelon's red part which is made of felt. The inside is made of plastic but I think that's great because you can clean it easily.

The strawberry carries all my technical stuff - another battery for my camera, some SD cards, my iPad camera connection kit and USB sticks.
Hello Kitty contains all my bobby pins and smaller hair clips - it's very convenient. I just put it in my purse and since Hello Kitty has that little bow, it's very easy to find and as I think, it matches its purpose pretty great.
The watermelon carries some of my earrings when I travel... Maybe I switch it up with the strawberry eventually. I don't like the water melon as much as the other two coin bags... but anyway, I think I'll order some more as presents for my friends (or their children ˆ.ˆ).

Since this offer is from China, it takes time to get here (1 month approximately). I had to go to customs recently because they didn't put the invoice on the outside of the package and I had to prove how much I payed (print out from paypal) but I could take it home right away without having to pay for customs.


  1. They're super cute indeed! I want the melon one! ヅ

    Thanks for your comment on our blog.
    We've return the favor following thru GFC #18.


  2. wow!
    danke für den tollen tipp
    würde mir am liebsten alle bestellen :D
    wielange hat der versand gedauert?
    und ist alles sicher??
    habe noch nie aus dem ausland bestellt

    1. Der Versand hat ungefähr einen Monat gedauert. Der Vekäufer hat gute Bewertungen bekommen. Meine Bestellungen sind auch alle angekommen und sind besser verarbeitet, als ich gedacht habe. :) Ich würde sie jederzeit wieder bestellen.


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