July 12, 2012

Outfit #17 - Official Event at the University

Today we had an official event for various companies that came to the university. Not necessarily a job fair, it was supposed to stimulate mutual understanding and promote collaborations between the university and external companies. It's twice a year.

Therefore, I decided to go with this black blouse dress from Esprit which I haven't worn forever. I got that in highschool which is like TEN years ago. Oh god, I'm getting old... but it's still cute :)

Anyway, I decided to pair it with my nude peeptoes from Payless (see my Chicago haul << click >>), H&M bracelets and matching handbag from H&M as well. My makeup is very simple - just brown tones, bronzer, blush and lipstick.

The nailpolish is from Petites by Scherer #113 Island Smoothie. I think I got it in New York a couple years ago when I forgot to bring nailpolish... Today, I wore it on my finger and toe nails but I think I like it better on my feet because the result is a bit streaky on my hands. It has this metallic light pinkish finish which is so cute... Have you seen Essie's new metallic line? A little like that but Essie has better quality.

Do you know where I can get those nailpolish racks that all the youtube gurus have? I really want one for my new appartment.


  1. Lovely. I think this dress is a classic. So why get rid of it, even if it probably could be considered vintage ;)? Some of my nicest stuff is quite old, too.

    1. Thank you! ˆˆ Oh you're back! :) Love to see that...

  2. You are looking really chic and classy!


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