October 2, 2014

[Travel Thursday] Hamburg, meine Perle

I have thought a little about blog routines. So far my blog style is more messy than anything else. But let me give this a try. In real life I'm very organized. Really...

This summer I went to Hamburg, one of my favorite German cities. A business training with pleasure leisure time... Some of the girls and me went out for an Alster boat tour. Gotta love the northern humor ;-) Some of my best friends live around Hamburg and they are the funniest people in the world. They could do a comedy show.

I haven't been there in ages... 5 years... Actually, that's not THAT long ago... I just feel like it was more.

The city is gorgeous and shopping is so much fun. It's like Venice or Geneva...

Here is the view from my hotel. There is a bar on the top level which wasn't that expensive.

My room was gorgeous too. What a great bed and bathroom... I like these American counters. There's so much space. I need something like that later in my future apartment/house.

I also went a little crazy on my shopping tour in the Adidas and Douglas store. Finally, I found Ardell lashes and NYX blushes. Uhh, and my very first high-end blush from Illamasqua named Tweak. I still haven't unpacked it because I still want to blog about it... It's probably so yesterday but I love this color...


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