September 8, 2013

Travel Tip: Masks

Hey everybody,

Hope you've had a great weekend. Mine was very relaxing...

Since I'm about to leave for a trip again, I thought I share a travel tip from some YouTube beauty gurus. Use a mask whenever you fly long distance. Because of the air conditioning the air is very dry. Thus giving back moisture to the skin by applying a mask is perfect. I do that mostly, when the lights go out because it's not as embarrassing... But actually I shouldn't care.

When I'm done with my mask, my skin feels absolutely great because it absorbs almost everything.


Here are a couple of mine from the past few trips... I can recommend #1 and #3 from the German drugstore DM. I didn't like #2 because it contains alcohol which dried out my skin instead of helping me. #4 are great tissue masks from Taiwan. I love these and I'll buy more, when I get there again. Unfortunately, it won't be any time soon...


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