August 26, 2013

P2 volume gloss gel look nail polish #080 grande dame

I'm in love with these strawberry raspberry colors. Thus, seeing this new volume gloss nail polish by P2 (080 grande dame), I just couldn't resist...

Here you see only one coat of polish, using clear base and top coats. It is long wearing as well - holding up for 5 days without tip wear.

Day light


At night using flash


It actually quite reminds me of Essie - too too hot. In the bottle it looks similar.



But on white paper and also on my nails, you can see the difference. Essie is much darker and a bit more raspberry-like.



I just don't look the new P2 brush not because it's wide but because it's irregular which makes it a little challenging to paint.



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  1. die farbe sieht so toll aus auf dem 1. bild <3


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