May 15, 2012

The almost perfect apartment...

I'm looking for a new apartment. So far I've just seen two... the first was okay but the house was a mess. Who would share his washing machine with 20+ people? Uhh... disgusting!

Anyway, the second was more or less perfect - it's in the right neighborhood, the price is ok, it has a beautiful balcony, two rooms, laminate floor, a small kitchen (it runs on gas...ˆ-ˆ). The only downside is that I would have to stay for 2 more years which I can't garantee at this point. It's also why I don't wanna pay commission to an agent...

I'm so sad I can't rent that place because I fell in love with the appartment, right when I went through that door...


  1. That's sad!
    Why do they only rent out the apartment for two years?
    I hope you are going to find another perfect place!

    1. Yes, it's sad... but I keep on looking :) and hopefully I'll have an apartment by next month.


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