April 21, 2012

Chicago Haul: Clothes

I didn't buy too much because my closet is way too small and I don't want to stuff everything inside. Finding things to wear is hard enough when everything is organized... I'm still dreaming of the IKEA Pax systems but I won't buy it until I move out of my apartment...

Anyway... Here's what I bought.

  1. Forever 21 - necklace (~3$) and top (15$)
  2. Old Navy - T-shirts (5$ each)
  3. Urban Outfitters - dress (~25$)
  4. Payless - nude peeptoes (~20$)
I want to wear the dress to my friend's civil wedding. Is it too light? It's not white though! I think I might pair it with these nude peeptoes or maybe with my other white peeptoes but it's still a long time until August. Maybe I'll find something else until then.

But first of all, I need another dress for my other friend's church wedding!!!


  1. Ooh, I haven't been to Chicago! Great hauling :D

    1. Thank you! You should go, maybe not in winter but other than that it can be really beautiful!


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