April 19, 2012

Chicago Haul: Beauty Products

As I mentioned earlier, I have been dying to buy make-up in the States. There are still a couple more things, I wanted but they were apparently discontinued.

Sephora stopped selling the Shu Uemara lash curler last year. The guy at the counter was dazzled by my non-existing knowledge... Anyways, Sephora is totally overrated. I didn't buy anything at all, though I was tempted to buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Maybe next time...

So let's get back to the stuff I bought.

  • Cosmetics:
  1. Revlon Colorburst - Raspberry (9.99$)
  2. Revlon Super Lucious - Primrose (9.49$)
  3. Revlon Super Lucious - Wink for Pink (9.49$)
  4. Revlon Lipbutter - Peach Parfait (3.89$)
  5. Maybelline Color Sensational - Warm Me Up (8.99$)
  6. Maybelline Color Sensational - Pink Please (8.99$)
  7. L'oreal Color Riche Lipcolour - 800 Fairest Nude (10.99$)
  8. Mac - Russian Red (14.50$)
  9. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - 05 Fresh Pink (7.99$)
  10. Wet 'n' Wild - 832E Heather Silk (3.49$)
  11. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush - 70 Hot Tamale (7.99$)
  12. Milani Liquif'Eye - black (4.49$)
I'm a big fan of all the products that I've bought.

The lipsticks are all very moisturizing. My favorite right now is #3 Revlon Wink for Pink because I wear a lot of coral colors lately. Except of #1 Revlon's Raspberry and #8 Mac's Russian Red, they are more on the neutral side and can be worn all day long. I only wear strong colored lipsticks, when I go out, for pictures, and on stage. Otherwise, I prefer softer colors for my daily life.

Here are some swatches

The Bouncy Blushes are cool for traveling because I don't need any brushes, just my fingers. The Fresh Pink is my natural blush color. It's more for a very natural make-up. But since I'm more into brighter colors, I love Hot Tamale more. It's a lot more pigmented but it still blends very well. If I want it to last very long, I put Manhattan's Oktoberfest LE Wiesn Fever on top. The colors match quite well. I just think, I need another bronzer now...

The Wet 'n' Wild Blush is very silky, smooth and pigmented but unfortunately I can't travel with it because, it's dusting like no other - there was blush all over the place, when I got back... I cleaned it up more or less but now it rests in my make-up drawer. I use it whenever I wear only white or navy blue. That's also when my light pink lipsticks are used ˆ.ˆ like #2 and #6...

  • Other things:
  1. Victoria's Secret - Bombshell (49$)
  2. Eucerin Daily Protection - Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 (11.49$)
I've never thought that I would love a parfume from Victoria's Secret because the scents are mostly too sweet and heavy for me. I prefer lighter scents that are fresh. Who would have thought that a parfume named Bombshell could be fresh and fruity! It's supposed to smell like purple passion fruit, Shangry-la yellow peony (whatever that it?!) and vanilla orchid... It's my new favorite parfume. Unfortunately, it doesn't last the whole day but I still smell it after a couple hours. I love love love it!!!

I have been looking out for an affordable non-greasy face cream with high SPF for the longest time. So far I've tried all kinds of suncreens from Nivea, Garnier, cheap no name products. None of them were even half as good as Eucerin. And Eucerin is freaking expensive in Germany - it's sold in pharmacies whose products are always on the pricier side. I'm hooked... I should have bought a back-up!!!

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