June 23, 2013

On Fire

Yesterday, I was out in Mannheim. Looking up into the sky I thought it was going to rain...


That was before I turned around and saw this... Really scary big smoke. I was afraid, it was something close to the main station but it was even in the next city.

Later that day, the news revealed there was a big factory fire in Ludwigshafen which was very persistent. It took several hours to kill it.


I don't actually know, how long people were supposed to keep the doors and windows shut... But even when the smoke disappeared in the evening, it still smelled like burned plastic and there were black ashy drops on all the parked cars in the area. Hope it really isn't toxic as they say in the news. Fortunately, nobody got hurt.



  1. oh mein gott das sind ja richtig krasse bilder :(
    da wäre ich auch erstmal etwas irritiert gewesen.

    danke für den lieben kommentar du hast schon recht...es muß einem am popo vorbei gehen was solche leute sagen.ist oft schwer aber ich verscuche es weiterhin .lg

  2. Oh mein Gott! So weit hat man das gesehen?! Vor allem sieht es so nah aus...

  3. Ludwigshafen ist nur etwa 15min entfernt... Aber es sah schon sehr schlimm aus, weil der Rauch auch den halben Tag in der Luft war


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