June 5, 2013

Japanese Gifts

Thank you, Yoko! I love to get gift boxes from my friends, especially from far away... My friend Yoko sent me some Japanese sweets, a little pouch, and a postcard from Kyoto.


I use the pouch for my external hard drive now. It's so cute!

Do you remember my green tea posts? I love green tea matcha latte products from Japan. Taiwan has some products as well but they don't taste quite as good. Now, Yoko sent me these matcha latte langues du chat.


She also gave me these cute looking candy. I was a little afraid to eat them because I wasn't sure, if it was indeed candy. I've seen some soap shaped as pralines some weeks ago... Also it's quite a shame to eat anything that looks so adorable...


I liked the green tea langues du chat a lot better ^.^ I'm such a fan of green tea products.



  1. OMG, the candy is adorable, indeed!

  2. tolle sachen. ich kaufe mit meinem mann (er ist halber philippino) auch manchmal sowas im asia shop


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