January 9, 2013


Chipping nails are every girl's nightmare. I usually have very healthy nails. Every once and then, when they're too long, one of them might break but nothing serious...

The only time, they chipped for several months was before I moved out from my last apartment. I really wasn't feeling all that great and I think it was due to my emotional mindset that it transferred to my nails. How do I know that? Well, I haven't changed my diet when I moved out. I gave up on all the nail polish serums and bases and what not... So that couldn't be it... The only changing factor was the new apartment and thus inner peace.



Actually the before-pic was done recently because they started to chip during the long flight. It was much worse last summer but I was too ashamed of my nails to take any pictures. The chipping went to the inner part of nails as well. No matter how short my nails were, I couldn't get rid of the chipping... Now they're healthy again so the after picture looks like my nails now.

So maybe, when you have bad nails for several months and you don't know what else to take or do to your nails, ask yourself, what bothers you in your life and how can you change it. It might make a difference after all!


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