January 13, 2013

Boca Chica Expreso

Boca Chica is a wonderful beach close to Santo Domingo, about 30-45min by bus.

Getting there isn't all that difficult... But before you spend your money on a taxi, better take the "Boca Chica Expreso". Only 70 Pesos (1.40 €) for the Expreso, 50 Pesos for the normal bus (1€), also called Caliente. You pay on the road, so you can still get out of the bus, if you don't like its condition. I would recommend the Expreso because it's faster as it doesn't stop everywhere...
The busses run from 06:00-20:00. The Expreso runs every hour, the Caliente every 15min.
The bus station is located in "la Duarte".

Bus station

It's best to get an air-conditioned bus. They can be recognized by their closed windows. They are mostly cleaner than those without air-conditioning, as you can see below.
Clean Air Conditioned Bus

The bus below isn't an Expreso and also has no air-conditioning. As you can see, it has also seen better days.
Open windows = no air condition

The bus station in Boca Chica doesn't have any sign, so keep in mind where you left the bus. It's also where you enter... Furthermore, the staff can easily be recognized by their red polo shirts.


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  2. Hi can you tell me which route the caliente bus takes from santo domingo to boca chica? Do you know if it goes down the autopista San Isidro? Thanks

  3. hola una consulta si voy desde el aeropuerto de punta cana el bus que recomiendas me deja en boca chica
    muchas gracias


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