November 14, 2012

A little Snobby?

May I introduce to you my professor's cat: Julie. She's an old lady who likes to talk a lot ^.^ like a real person as her vet said. But she's also a bit snobby because she doesn't come out until one has a master's degree. At least that's what my professor always says ^.^ In my case it is true. I haven't seen her before my Diploma in physics. Now that I'm almost done with my phd, she comes out to chat and get strokes... Isn't she beautiful?

I normally don't like cats because they're moody, scratch for no reason, lose hair and on top I'm allergic. But Julie is perfect.

She's probably the only antiallergic cat for me - no red eyes and no sneezing around her although she loses tons of hair when I pet her. She can't pull in her claws but doesn't scratch.

Hopefully she'll still have a long life...



  1. schöne katze
    schwarze sind doch echt die hübschesten :)

    1. Ja, finde ich auch :) Vor allem die Augen... hab ich nur leider nicht gut eingefangen.


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