October 4, 2012

[Tagged] More Things about Me

Miss W. created this additional lovely tag to the former Things About Me tag. So here we go...

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
I usually eat yoghurt with oatmeal and jam.
My favorite breakfast would be fresh croissants, waffles and fresh delicious fruits.

Which nail polish do you wear right now?
OPI - Makes Men Blush. I bought it at Galeria Kaufhof recently. Did you know that they sell OPI nail polishes there? I was totally taken by surprise and I couldn't resist to buy my very first OPI. Since I had a coupon, I only payed 14.40€. Still my most expensive nail polish in my collection... But what can I say. It's still the most beautiful light pink with slightly holographic shimmer. I'll make another post to show you. I haven't had luck with the lighting yet. None of my pictures look like reality.

What do you order in a bar?
Some kind of fruity cocktail probably a milk shake. I don't really like the taste of alcohol so I prefer drinks without it or those that don't taste too alcoholic… baileys is ok, too. Or new wine... Soo so good for this fall season.

Which are your favorite shoes?
My nude peep toes and my leo peep toes.

How do you like to eat your spaghetti?
Spicy Gambas al Aioli or Mussels in White Wine Sauce

What's your favorite color?
Red. Something like Mac's Russian Red as Lipstick.

Which non-human ability would you like to have?
Teleporting. That would be so cool… unfortunately it's only possible for really small objects :( Ever heard of quantum teleportation? It also works for photons, electrons, and single atoms.

What's your signature dish?
I really don't know. I don't like to eat the same thing over and over again, so I always switch my dishes…

My recent dish was this sparerib which I've marinated and baked in my oven. My boyfriend loved it. It's just so rare that I find spareribs in the supermarket...

What annoys you the most?

What would you like to experience once more?
I don't think I would want to because it wouldn't be the same anymore.

Which bonus cards do you have in your purse?
Payback, Tchibo, Görtz…

Which object have you repaired recently?
My bike… but it has got a puncture again... I can't believe how much bad luck I've had with this freaking bike this year.



  1. oben die rechten schuhe sehen sooo toll aus

    1. Danke :) sie sind aus den USA... von Payless. Sogar ziemlich bequem.


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