September 4, 2012

[Tagged] Things about me

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1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

  • I am a physicist, dancer and an epicure.
2. How do you feel, when talking to the camera?
  • I don't talk, I only dance in front of the camera… That works pretty well. I'm more focussed on camera. 

3. What don't you like on your own looks?
  • My jaw is not in the middle because one of the muscles is longer than the other, making my face look slightly asymmetric. Not that many would notice since it's only visible in frontal pictures.
  • Since I'm writing on my dissertation the whole day, I don't move enough, while I'm always kind of hungry... It's the nerves, I guess... Anyhow, I would love to lose some weight.
4. Without which product wouldn't you go out?
  • Hand cream. I currently use Balea's Mango hand cream. It smells soo good :)
5. Do you do anything even though you can't? If so, what is it?

  • Oral examinations - I'm so bad but I still have to do them… Thank god, there's only one left. The weird thing though is that I actually really like presentations - I just can't handle the pressure of the oral examination because it's mostly about things that I haven't learnt and I'm not good at showing off knowledge that I haven't acquired. You know, in physics, professors like to tease you to the point of non-knowledge so they can see how you handle the situation and start thinking physically in front of them. They've got my full admiration…
6. What would you like to change on yourself but you never do?
  • I'd like to get eye surgery but I don't dare. My lecture in medical physics just scared the hell out of me. It's not about the pain but more about the risks... I might however do it anyway one day.
7. What don't you like on other people?
  • Hypocrisy, mendacity, ignorance, stupidity paired with arrogance, racism, and lack of hygiene.
8. Name 4 things that you like to do.
  • Dancing, traveling, eating a nice meal, and of course being with my boyfriend
9. Is there a garment that you don't like but you wear it anyway?
  • Tights... I don't really like them but when it's cold, it's keeping me warm so of course I do wear them despite their discomfort.
10. How important are your looks to you?
  • Important. I don't have to dress up and put on makeup every day but I like it a lot. I enjoy taking my time with it.
11. Is there anything you collect?
  • Pictures and videos :)
12. What do you do when nobodys watching?
  • I like to sit with my legs up on the chair...
13. What colors do your like to wear on your nails?
  • Essie's Marshmallow and Catrice' #30 Meet Me On Coral Island.
14. Name 3 things that you like on the other sex.
  • Confidence, intelligence, and humor.
15. What can't you get on with?
  • Goes along with #7 - what I don't like on other people.
16. Which famous person do you admire?
  • Feynman although he didn't have a good opinion about women in general -- I just blame it on the time.
17. What's your biggest fear?
  • Losing someone I love and care about.
18. What does happiness mean for you?
  • A day off to go to the beach and enjoy myself the whole day with a good book.

19. What have you planned in a long time but haven't done yet?
  • Graduating… haha :D
20. Name something odd about yourself.
  • If I don't like somebody, that person immediately becomes ugly in my eyes and I see more and more annoying flaws... 
  • I think life is too short to waste it on people who don't deserve it. 


  1. Interesting answers. I was chickening out about my PhD final examination, fearing that I would remember nada. It turned out to be a really exciting and fun debate. Try and enjoy it as much as you can and remember that you really are the expert.

  2. I nominated you for an award, I hope you'll accept it :)


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