January 11, 2012

[Tagged] 2012 - Plans, Hopes and Dreams

from Miss W

Job, Studies, Career
Writing my phd thesis and graduating from University.

Friends & Family
My family is fine. I'm definitely going to see two friends more often. The weddings will do their share ˆ.ˆ In the end, it will bring us closer, I think and hope so... I also can't wait for my both best friends to meet my boyfriend. Since we live so much apart, it's difficult. I'm glad, I like my friend's fiancé ˆ.ˆ That would be horrible, if I didn't.
It's a good idea to sort out frenemies though I haven't figured out a way to handle this new roommate-love situation with these mean comments.
Health, Wellness & Fitness  
I continue with dancing, the only sport that is also art... It's also the only sport I'm interested in. I hate the gym and aerobics. I don't even like Zumba - it's just not for dancers - too easy. My boyfriend will also work on a Salsa routine with me (for my friend's wedding and other events).
My health hopefully stays the same. Since I love fruits and veggies, it should be fine...
I should probably lose some kilos. Not because my roommate thought so (Asians have a sick relationship to being skinny - it's almost anorexic) but I ate way too much during the holidays... but everything was just soo delicious. Hopefully, sports will be enough.
But other than that, I'm fine. There's nothing I desperately need to buy except maybe the dresses for the weddings. ˆ.ˆ 

Hobbies & Projects
Dancing, dancing, dancing... My big projects of this year are my thesis and the weddings. And there probably won't be any time left for other things anymore.

I'll go on a conference in Chicago before Easter. And there are also the weddings. I don't know if there will be another trip. That just depends on my financial situation and also time... 

I like writing on this blog and I hope I can get more continuity to write more often.

New Challenges
Well, it's not really new, but it's my personal big challenge this year: 
Getting my phd.


  1. Best of luck with finalising your PhD. I know that it can be a challenging time.


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