October 7, 2011

Can't wait...

for my vacations ˆ-ˆ 

btw. this is my boyfriend... I think it's the best picture I've ever taken. And isn't he gorgeous?

in Punta Cana at the beach

We mostly stayed with his family and they're absolutely lovely but to give ourselves some alone-time, we went to a hotel for a couple days. My family is so much more quiet and reserved compared to his... so different and still so many similarities as well... though my grandma would probably get a heart-attack seeing or hearing that... but anyway, I can't wait to see everyone again this year! It's also time to see if I've learnt anything in Spanish! I hope to be able to understand a lot more than last year... It was the same like going to my Grandma's city in Taiwan because they only speak Hakka, another Chinese dialect where I only understand "Food"... ˆ-ˆ haha... the most important word just stuck from back then when I was two years old and was actually able to speak and translate the language...

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