October 4, 2011

Call me lazy and stupid...

Right now I'm payed by a 2-year-project which will end in June 2012 but since I won't be finished with my phd until June, I need to look out for applications to completion grants. Even my professor told me to look at my options... One from my university is due on October 15th but I also read about some other completion grant due in March. So we both decided to postpone it to March. Stupid of me not to read it properly - it's for foreign students... And although I might look foreign, on the paper I'm German. Bad timing coming on top of this, my professor went on vacation, probably without internet. I still wrote him an email but what now? Writing my other advisor and asking him for his letter of recommendation but without knowing, if my professor has even read my email... If he knows about that, would he invest his time?

I am just so angry with myself for being that lazy... It's not my last option and it's also not the one with the best chances (only 10%) but not trying is losing, isn't it?

Wer kämpft, kann verlieren - wer aber nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren!
He who fights can lose, but he who does not fight has already lost!
(Bertold Brecht)

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