July 29, 2011

Der Bachelor

Do you know Xing? It is a social platform like Facebook but for professionals. The German TV station RTL asked me, if I wanted to participate in the dating show "The Bachelor". Are they freaking kidding me?... I am getting a phd degree in physics. Do I appear to be the kind of person who would search for Mr. Right on national television? I wouldn't be surprised on Facebook but seriously - on Xing?! Sorry, but here are a couple reasons against this whole concept:
  1. I have a boyfriend.
  2. Money can't buy me.
  3. I would never ever participate in a dating show on TV.
  4. It's cheap.
  5. It's embarrassing.
  6. I will have job interviews after my graduation. Participating would lower my chances of finding the right job.
  7. Finding Mr. Right on a dating show is purely ridiculous.
  8. If that guy was that rich, smart and great, he could easily find a girlfriend on his own. 
So lastly, a little tip to the people from RTL. Take a look on Facebook - at least it tells you the relationship status of the women you are looking for and it also contains a lot more information and pictures.

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