July 30, 2011

Beijing 2009

I went on a small East Asia Trip after my last graduation which was in 2009. I started in Beijing because my cousin lives there with his wife. Although I love my cousin very much, I won't come and visit Beijing again or his house until he gets divorced. That might sound drastic but seriously... His wife is a bitch and I rather not talk to her ever again... Not only did she not do sightseeing with me, which I wouldn't mind, if she actually had something to do, but playing Wii all day doesn't count in my opinion. She is a housewife who does not clean, cook, do laundry... actually, she didn't even change her clothes from when I saw her in the morning. What kind of wife ist that? And she isn't even nice... Next thing which I was truely bothered about... They took me to church withouth asking me, if I wanted to join. Not asking is like forcing. If they asked, I would have come anyway. wtf. Also, this church was more than strange... I only know Catholic churches and a couple protestant ones, but I haven't seen advertisement in church ever before...
Well but other than that, I was pretty lucky, I had two days with sunshine and no clouds in the sky... When does that ever happen in Beijing?

We went to the Great Wall right after I arrive at the airport.
The famous Beijing Duck at the Da Dong Restaurant... still, my Dad does a way better job... 
And of course the Tiananmen Square
the Forbidden City
The Temple of Heaven
The Zoo with that cute little panda that looks like a man in a costume ^^
 And last but not least the Summer Palace

The pictures were taken by me. I created a little photo book on iPhoto, thus the text every now and then.

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