August 31, 2014

Elephantastic pink

Hey everyone,

Long time no see... I'm really not good at keeping up with my blog. I don't know how others are able to work fulltime, workout, cook and blog on a normal day to day basis.

Anyway, here are some old pictures. It's been a year or so.

I'm not typically wearing pink all the time but sometimes it's just nice.

I'm wearing Catrice #210 Pinkadilly Circus lipstick and Elephantastic Pink by OPI, the latter is from Taiwan. See the Chinese below ;-)

The lipstick is a matte pink which is a little drying but very pretty if the lips are soft and even.

Now that I started working in an office, I don't wear anything bright on my nails anymore. What a pity for this polish. Now it's only something for my toes or for vacation.

Speaking of vacation - I'm on my way to the Dominican Republic again.

Have a great Sunday!


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