November 5, 2013

New In: black purse

Since I'll start working soon, I thought I'll need a more business appropriate black purse. So here's my new baby :-)

I'm so fond of it - the purse is quite sturdy and well-made, although of course it's not made of real leather.

It retails for only 1700 DOP, about 29.50€, in Villa Con in Santo Domingo. For this price you can't expect real leather. But nonetheless it's very lovely.





The boutique is:

Comercial Villacon

C\ Manuela Diez No. 86, Esq. hemanos Pinzón

Villa Consuelo, Santo Domingo, RD

Tel: +1 809 538 4591


I can't wait to wear her back in Germany. But for now, I'll be enjoying beautiful sunshine in the Dominican Republic...



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