February 9, 2013

Happy New Snake Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, my lovely fellow bloggers! I wish you all the best in the world for the new snake year! It's supposed to be a year of many changes. That's true for me at least.

Anyway, I'm back in Germany again. Everything had been so busy in Taiwan. We've visited so many relatives and friends that I've had absolutely no time for blogging while I was gone...


Tonight we went to a great Chinese restaurant in Heidelberg: the Hot Pot House.


They serve authentic Chinese cuisine. It's quite rare as many China restaurants tend to serve western style Chinese food... If you're at least six people, it's worth ordering hot pot. All you can eat for 15€. There are six different broths to chose from: cabbage, seafood, mushroom, curry, spicy, and non-spicy bone marrow soup. There are several dips and several plates of meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, etc. Very delicious and filling... The soups are excellent. We've tried bone marrow and curry soup so far...


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