December 11, 2012

Library App

I like to read books, even more now that I've got an iPad. But of course I would enjoy it just as much on any other tablet or ebook-reader... But I like the convenience of combining several books, papers and notebooks all in my iPad without any additional weight.

I've got a new app for borrowing German books online, called Skoobe. I think I read about it online, before I tried it out. I pay 9.99€ a month and can read as many books as I want. I can keep up to 5 books in my list which are available offline as well (offline available for 30 days). This special offer (Skoobe Premium Starter) is limited. When you get it, these special features are guaranteed for another year after they'll change their pricing model.

After some time, there won't be any 30-days offline reading for the basic offer, only 24 hours. And only three books can be borrowed at the same time. I saved 4 books right now but I only read one book at a time. For me, the feature is only useful for vacation when I have time to read and no wifi nearby.

For 14.99€, the Skoobe Plus, there will be 30-days offline reading available. And for the Skoobe Premium for 19.99€ there will be the possibility of borrowing 15 books at the same time to read offline.

It works on iPhone, iPad and Android products.

So far, I've only seen German books but maybe they'll have other languages one day. That would be awesome :-)

Since I can terminate the contract monthly, I feel it's a good offer... As long as I have time to read books, this is a great app.


  1. Hi, I ordered a kindle Paperwhite 3G for my hubby and I am wondering if he will like it. So I am glad after I read your blog that you like to read electronic books.

    1. It is a great investment! I like real books as well but I can handle the loss of feeling paper in my hand because of the convenience... It's lighter and doesn't take up much space and if you have internet, you'll be able to download even more books. The only disadvantage is at the beach - you can't just leave your ebook on your towel ;)

  2. This app sounds rather cool. I will check it out.

  3. Amazing post!! :)
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